When it comes to handcrafted special orders, our store price list is more a guideline for cognition than a table for accurate prices. Certainly, you have specific expectations for your rings and we are ready to meet these expectations, so the exact price will come when we have negotiated with you and the exact project for you.

The price for rings means the price of making a pair / set of rings (two rings together).

We also manufacture fully from your material (including old jewelry) you can get the rings more favorably;

Of course, we also make our material completely, ie you buy all the gold / silver / platinum you need;

We also make rings in combination, we add the amount of material to your material that you pay for separately, but you have got the rings of your material part of the crown more favorably.

If you want a combination of gold and silver rings, you can use both yellow, red and white gold, but silver instead of white gold can be used instead of white gold.

Most of our ring designs are also made of silver and platinum if desired. Ask us if you like anything.

Rings of a similar design can be made in different weights, making them slightly narrower or thinner, or vice versa and wider. It often does not affect the cost of manufacturing, but the cost of the material. Detailed questions about the desired model are welcome.

The Comfort Fit, which is a curved inner surface, regardless of the ring pattern, adds EUR 30 per pair.

If you want to use a matt surface in the finish, it will not change the price. Depends on the model.

All rings can be added to the desired number of stones until it contradicts the laws of physics. Ask!

Diamonds are priced according to size and purity. Zircons are mostly included in the cost of producing rings.

Rock placement prices by immersion method: 1pc - 15EUR, from 2pcs - 12EUR / pc, 5pcs and more - 8eur / pc

 We also recommend that you read our Preventive Questions and Answers section Thoughts, but you are always welcome to provide clarification questions on facebook, via e-mail, through the form at the end of this website, or to feel free to call us. You can find phone numbers and email addresses below.