We are dedicated to making, maintaining and advising on engagement and wedding rings. We rely on over 20 years of experience in making rings.

We manufacture wedding rings according to your taste and expectations.

In addition to the classic rings, we are very interested in making unique solutions. For such important symbolic accessories as marriage or engagement rings, it is perfectly appropriate to design them according to your best judgment. If you are missing ideas, our designer will give you good advice if you wish. We encourage you to use genuine precious stones. The engravings, both as a dedication inside the ring and as a pattern on the outer surface of the ring, are also relevant to make the jewelry more personal.

We use red, yellow and white gold as well as other materials suitable for the customer. Making rings from customer material is very common.

Handmade rings are made by experienced jewelers and the high quality German equipment ensures the quality of our factory.

In general, we recommend ordering rings 8-10 weeks before the due date, so we can provide high quality results and ensure your satisfaction. At the same time, we also try to respond to unexpected needs, always ask boldly, in most cases we find a suitable solution.

The team of AlfaDiamonds OÜ is happy to contribute to the success of your important event.